3D-Printing Head 1.75




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STEPCRAFT 3D printer

All of the STEPCRAFT machines can be configured to 3D printer mode. Take advantage of the Modular desing and simply swap the Proxxon spindle (or other) adaptor from the 43mm mounting collar on the machine, and put the 3D printer module in instead.

STEPCRAFT 3D printer operation

The STEPCRAFT 3D printer uses an extruding system to push a 3mm PLA plastic filament through a heated nozzle. The machine moves the nozzle to print a plastic layer. The layers must be generated by specific 3D printer software that is provided with the STEPCRAFT 3D printing system

What software do I need.

The STEPCRAFT 3D printer comes with its own “slicer software”. The software can be used to import 3D files (in STL format). The 3D file is then sliced into layers and toolpaths are generated to allow the machine to reproduce the 3D part – layer – by layer. The output from the slicer software is 4 axis Gcode. Therefore you will require a full machine controller / Gcode interpreter to use the system. WinPC USB full version, Mach3 and UCCNC software are three different machine controllers. We recommend the use of UCCNC or Mach3 with the 3D printer.

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