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Stepcraft Ready To Run Machining Centre

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 ** STEPCRAFT-2 machines now come complete with UCCNC machine control software and USB interface card,
included in the price!**


This package will give you the ability to mill, cut and carve woods, plastics, and even aluminum. Additionally you can engrave and V Carve Signs.  The complete package includes Vectric V Carve Desktop design/CAM software and a starter tool set.

The “Mill and Carve” package includes ALL of the items listed below.

NOTE: This is with the Stepcraft-D-840 Ready Built


ndustrial quality HF spindle system that will run on an LPT connector to control the on/off and spindle speed functionality.


STEPCRAFT adaptor cable for Industrial quality HF spindle


Exhaust Adapter for HF 350/500 Spindle

The Exhaust Adapter for the Stepcraft HF-350/500 spindles is designed to remove dust from your work piece using a standard shop vac that you can find from most home improvement and department stores.



Tool Length Sensor

This tool length sensor operates with a precise micro switch which is operated from above with a pusher.



Quick Release Lever

The clamping lever with disengaging knob is a suggestion of improvement of one of our customers.



Starter Tool Set (1/8" Shank)



Vectric CUT2d PRO


2 ER11 Collets

1/8" and 1/4"


 Stepcraft Clamp Set

T-Slot Table

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