STEPCRAFT-3/D.840 Construction Kit

STEPCRAFT-3/D.840 Construction Kit
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Simply strong. The STEPCRAFT D-Series is the perfect entry into CNC technology. Strong, precise, fast and robust. From the milling motor and the 3D Print Head to the Laser and the OTK-3 to the Drag Knife and the Hot Wire Cutter, the multifunction CNC router can be expanded in no time with many optional CNC tools.

This allows you to process a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Wood: softwood, hardwood, plywood and artificial wood
  • Plastics: thermoplastics, ABS, PE, PP, soft/hard PVC, Lexan®, polyamide, Plexiglas®
  • CFRP / carbon
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Elastomers, duroplastics
  • Mixed materials

Additional accessories, such as a lubrication system, can also be attached to the two T-slots on the Z-axis. This makes the CNC milling machine suitable for hobbies, model making, education and much more.

With the enclosed construction manual, you can assemble the CNC construction kit in just a few hours. Step by step, the manual guides you through each individual assembly step with the help of easy-to-understand pictures. This way, you get to know every detail of your CNC milling machine and can later carry out maintenance work and adjustments independently.