STARTER Bundle STEPCRAFT-3/D.420 incl. UCCNC (Construction Kit)

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Bundle including STEPCRAFT D.420, Proxxon Universal spindle 10,000-30,000 rpm, End Mill Set "Starter" and UCCNC!

Simply strong. The STEPCRAFT D-Series is the perfect entry into CNC technology.

This allows you to process a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Wood: softwood, hardwood, plywood and artificial wood
  • Plastics: thermoplastics, ABS, PE, PP, soft/hard PVC, Lexan®, polyamide, Plexiglas®
  • CFRP / carbon
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Elastomers, duroplastics
  • Mixed materials

Additional accessories, such as a lubrication system, can also be attached to the two T-slots on the Z-axis. This makes the CNC milling machine suitable for hobbies, model making, education and much more.

With the enclosed construction manual, you can assemble the CNC construction kit in just a few hours. Step by step, the manual guides you through each individual assembly step with the help of easy-to-understand pictures. This way, you get to know every detail of your CNC milling machine and can later carry out maintenance work and adjustments independently.

  • Integrated modular control electronics for an easy connection to the computer via USB or parallel interface
  • 2A Sanyo Denki stepper motors
  • Y-axis driven by two stepper motors
  • All-Steel Motion System™ out of hardenened steel, known from the STEPCRAFT Q-Series
  • 4-track roller guidance
  • Ready-to-use track rollers, no Adjustment of preload required
  • High-strength profiles on all axes for optimal distribution of Forces and particularly high torsional rigidity
  • igus® Energy chains on all axes
  • Standard Ø 43 mm tool holder enables the use of third-party devices (if necessary with Adapter)
  • Optimized, integrated clamping system (clamping bars) for plate materials up to 15 mm thick
  • igus® precision threaded lead screws 
  • Y-axis with Silicone seal to protect against dirt
  • Two T-slots in Z-axis to attach additional accessories
  • Machine table made of wear-resistant HPL (standard), optionally available with aluminum T-slot table or vacuum table (MDF or PE)
  • Up to seven crossbars along the Y-axis for an extremely precise and evenly stiff machine bed
  • Easy-care and wear-resistant surfaces (powder coating, anodizing)
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Dimensions (X,Y,Z): 443 mm x 600 mm x 546 mm
  • Working Space (X,Y,Z): 298 x 415 x 132 mm
  • Clamping Surface  (X,Y): 316 x 499 mm
  • Complete CNC DIY kit including all mechanical and electronic components
  • Clamping bars for clamping plate material
  • USB- or parallel cable connection
  • Operating and assembly instructions
  • Milling Motor Proxxon Universal spindle 10,000-30,000 rpm
  • tool Length sensor
  • V-Carve Desktop CNC Software 
  • End Mill Set "Starter" consisting of:
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 3 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Upcut 1 mm
    • 1x End Mill Double Flute Downcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Spiral Toothed Upcut 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Spiral Toothed Downcut 1 mm
    • 1x End Mill Diamond Toothed 2 mm
    • 1x Engraving Bit (V-Router) 60°
    • 1x End Mill Single-Flute 2 mm
    • 1x End Mill Radius 2 mm
  • Control software: UCCNC