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HF Spindle 500w Stepcraft

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The STEPCRAFT HF Spindle is a technical product with high precision, stability and quiet running. The HF 500 are cylindrical spindles with a compact design and equipped with an asynchronous motor to provide high torque levels. High capacity ball-bearings (3x) bring the concentricity accuracy and a long tool life. Additional advantages are high stiffness, low-vibration running and long-life grease lubrication.

For the application of the tool with a STEPCRAFT or a third-party router additional ER 11 Collets are necessary. The ER collets are not included in the scope of delivery.

When using the HF Spindle together with the Enclosure the Extention Cords for the HF Spindle is required in the respective length: 

  • Enclosure for STEPCRAFT D.300: no extension cord necessary  
  • Enclosure for STEPCRAFT D.420: 1 m extension cord necessary  
  • Enclosure for STEPCRAFT D.600: 2 m extension cord necessary 
  • Enclosure for STEPCRAFT D.840: 3 m extension cord necessary

Technical Specifications:

  • Collet clamping diameter: max. 8,0 mm 
  • Type of collet: ER11 
  • Housing: Aluminum 7075, anodized 
  • Housing diameter: 52 mm 
  • Housing length: 86 mm 
  • Type of motor: Three phase asynchronous motor 
  • Number of motor poles: 14 
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise 
  • Range of speeds: 5.000 - 20.000 rpm 
  • Voltage (max.): 24 V 
  • Current (max.): 14,6A / 20,8A 
  • Torque (max.): 0,17 Nm / 0,25 Nm 
  • Shaft diameter 43 mm 
  • Output (max.): 500W 
  • Type of bearing and quantity: Ball bearing, steel, service-life grease lubrication, 3 pc. 
  • Concentricity accuracy within collet:: < 0,01 mm 
  • Clamping mechanism: Manually, ER collet 
  • Cooling: Labyrinth air cooling 
  • Weight: 650 g 
  • Additional features: Locking button for tool change

Scope of Delivery:

  • Spindle HF500 with connection cable 2 m 
  • Control unit STG106 
  • Operation manual
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