Automatic Tool changer incl. Switch-Box (For Stepcraft Spindle only)

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STEPCRAFT is the first desktop CNC system offering an automatic tool changer. Because the magazine can hold up to ten tools, the time-consuming, manual change of the tools is no longer necessary. The assembly is very easy: The automatic tool changer is being tightend onto the spindle which in turn is being inserted into the SK 10 tool holding system with an ER 11 collet. It is held in the cone with a draw-in collet using spring power. During tool change a pneumatic cylinder presses onto this collet, thus, releasing the tool out of the cone. The tool changer attachment is constructed in a way that prevents the ingress of dust into its bearing. Thanks to its modular design it is possible to enlarge the automatic tool changer: You can add up to five elements with each additional tool holder. This way, you can realize complex job much quicker and easier. With the Switch-Box the time-consuming connecting and disconnecting of the different devices is no longer necessary. It offers space for the connection of up to eight accessories which can then be easily selected and started right away. The electronics module of the automatic tool changer is already installed in this Switch-Box. For operating the tool changer attachment you are in need of a device to control the compressed air of the tool changer and blow-off function.

Technical Data

Magazine to hold 5 tools

Housing made of aluminum 7075,hard- anodized

Spindle shaft made of stainless steel, with double ball bearing Concentricity of 0,02 mm

Weight: 357 g

Tensile force of the spring: 20 kg = approx. 200 N

Uses SK 10 tool holding system with integrated collet

Operating pressure: 8 bar 2 pneumatic connections for 4 mm tubes

Fixture with 43 mm shaft diameter

Suitable for speed up to 20.000 rpm

Diameter of attachment: 52 mm



1x Tool changer attachment

1x Magazin with 5 pockets

2x SK10 tool holder for tools with ø 3.175 mm (1/8 ")

1x Switch-Box incl. 1x electronics module automatic tool changer

 Stepcraft Machine and spindled shown in this picture not included, tool changer only

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