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(915mm) Double T-slot Track

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Veritas' double T-Slot tracks are the perfect jig-making alternative when you cannot install a regular extrusion using glue or screws. Available in 2' (610mm) or 3' (915mm) lengths. This anodised aluminium extrusion has the same inner profile as Veritas' regular 1/4inch T-Slot extrusion; but the outer profile incorporates a pair of wings designed to lock the extrusion into place. Installation is easy - you simply undercutting a 3/8inch x 3/4inch dado with our undercut slot bit (also available here on our website; code ref. 16J60-80 ). The resulting T-Slot securely holds the extrusion in place without the need for screws or glue. T-nuts and T-bolts to suit are also available here on our website; as are optional hex-bolt shoulder washers that allow them to be used with commonly available hex bolts.