UC400ETH ethernet motion controller

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The UC400ETH is a motion controller with Ethernet interface specifically for use with UCCNC motion control software and or MACH3.. The device can communicate with a connection to the control computer’s network card. The connection can be built with direct connection or via router/switch devices. The device can be used to control a CNC machine with stepper or servo motor controls with step and direction interfaces.

The controller can output a maximum of 400kHz stepping frequency and can work with up to 6-axes. This user’s guide describes how to establish connection between the device and the control computer, how to setup the LAN network and the device for the communication. This document also describes the electrical parameters and properties of the motion controller. How to run the device with a CNC control software is not described in this manual and is described in a separate document. Please read the UCCNC control software user’s guide for more information about running the device with the software.

– Replaces 2 pieces of standard LPT ports.

– Controls upto 6-axis simulteneously.

– Works with the UCCNC software and Mach3.

– Upto 400kHz step frequency operation.

– Ethernet connection to the control PC.

– Same pinout as a standard LPT port.

– Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stable operation.

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