UCR201 wireless CNC jog pendant

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The UCR201 wireless jog pendant was designed to be used with the UCCNCsoftware. The product is built from 2 main parts, one part is the jog pendant built into an ABS plastic enclosure with buttons and a jog wheel encoder. The other part is the USB wireless transmitter module which connects to the computer’s USB port and transferring data between the PC and the jog pendant device. Using the jog pendant makes the zero point picking up and other machining routines easier and faster to setup and to do.

The jog pendant comes with a built in LCD screen which continuously showing and updating the readout values of the axis positions, the stepping mode, feedrate and the spindle’s actual speed giving a feedback to the user without the need of looking onto the monitor.


– Wireless jog pendant to use with the UCCNC software.
– 10-15 meters transmit range (depends on environment)
– up to 6-axis on screen.
– Works with the UCCNC software via plugin.(installs with the UCCNC software, no separate download required.)
– Large LCD screen with back-light.
– Industrial wheel encoder wheel.
– USB wireless transmitter connects to the control PC.
– Function and custom push buttons.
– Battery operation with long life. (batteries replaceable)

Download the Product Manual here:

1.) Product manual
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