Amana Tool RC-45711-M In-Tech Insert Carbide V Groove 90 Deg x 17.6mm D x 8.5mm CH x 6mm SHK Single Flute Router Bit

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a° Degree D
Cutting Height
# of Knives a1° Optional MDF Knives Replacement Insert Knives Flute Cutting Edges L
Overall Length
Screw #
90° 17.6mm 8.5mm 6mm 1 45° HMA-12 1 8310 52mm 67013

AmanaTool's in-Tech™ Series insert router bits provides all woodworkers access to the industrial-grade technology at an affordable price.

Excellent for cutting:

  • Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver & Carbon Fiber (Engraving Only)
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Softwood/Hardwood
  • Plastic/Acrylic 

knivesflip.jpgGet four uses out of each insert! Once insert knife show signs of wear you can rotate the insert for a brand new cutting edge. Includes one insert knife #AMA-12. Optional MDF replacement knife #HMA-12 available separately. 



Benefits of the new in-Tech™ Series include:

  • Priced comparably to brazed router bits with at least 4 times longer tool life
  • Superior cutting quality
  • No re-sharpening costs
  • Harder grade tungsten carbide
  • Cutting accuracy remains constant during the life of the insert knife
  • Ideal for routing softwood/hardwood and harder materials such as MDF & Chipboard
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