ORAMASK 810 Universal Stencil Film - self-adhesiveStencil Film 50mm x 50 metre roll

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ORAMASK® used to make creating multicolor signs much easier.

Apply the mask over a smooth, dust free surface and cut through it showing the natural color of the material. The cut area can then be painted and the mask is easily removed after the paint is dry leaving you with crisp paint lines without any tedious painting or extra sanding needed. Using a sharp V-Groove bit or a downcut endmill is recommended when using the mask to produce the cleanest paint edge. A dull bit can chip the mask while an upcut bit will tear the mask and will not cut the mask cleanly.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Great for creating painted signs
  • For all paint and spray techniques on even surfaces, matte Finish, removable
  • Translucently blue dyed stencil film (special PVC)
  • 50 mm wide x 50 m long

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